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Poster Sessions

Conference ProgramWednesday. For practical details see Poster Guidelines.

Academic Poster Session

AP.01: Impact of Problem Solving Therapy on Brain Networks Associated with Depressive Symptoms In Poststroke Older Adults
Niloufar Niakosari Hadidi, Leah Jappe, Kathryn Cullen and Kay Savik
AP.02: Integration of Neurodynamics into Neurorehabilitation
Carlos Rodríguez-López, Bibiana Da Rocha-Souto and Nora Kern
AP.03: A blood pressure-related profile extracted from pig left vagus nerves using cuff electrodes
Cristian Sevcencu, Thomas Nørgaard Nielsen and Johannes Struijk
AP.04: Augmentative and Assistive Communication in Patients of Locked-In Syndrome: A Case Report
Purva Sharma and Yash Jobanputra
AP.05: Increasing voltage transients using implanted titanium nitride neural stimulation electrodes
Suzan Meijs, Morten Fjorback, Søren Sørensen, Kristian Rechendorff and Nico Rijkhoff
AP.06: A Combined Interfascicular-Cuff Electrode (ICE) for Selective Recruitment of Polyfascicular Peripheral Nerves Using Transversal Stimulation
Alessandro Ranieri, Rasmus Elbæk Andersen, Mette Vandborg Lauridsen and Kristian Rauhe Harreby
AP.07: Novel approach for investigation of neuronal alterations following ischemic stroke in a rat model
Rasmus Kragh Nielsen and Winnie Jensen
AP.08: High-frequency Oscillations in Chemically Induced Spike-and-Wave Epileptic Seizures
Jianhang Jiao, Cristian Sevcencu, Kristian Rauhe Harreby and Winnie Jensen
AP.09: Online intramuscular EMG decomposition with varying number of active motor units
Eric Le Carpentier, Yannick Aoustin, Jonathan Monsifrot and Dario Farina
AP.10: Modular Control of Gait in Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: Preliminary Results
Soraya Perez Nombela, Filipe Barroso, Diego Torricelli, Julio Gómez Soriano, Ana De Los Reyes, Antonio J. Del-Ama, Jose L. Pons and Angel Gil-Agudo
AP.11: The effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on corticomuscular coherence in patients with stroke
Meei-I Lai, Li-Ling Pan, Chung-Lan Kao, Mei-Wun Tsai, Shun-Hwa Wei and Li-Wei Chou
AP.12: Frailty assessment based on trunk accelerometry during walking
Ion Martinikorena, Alicia Martinez-Ramírez, Nora Millor, Pablo Lecumberri, Marisol Gómez and Mikel Izquierdo
AP.13: Continuous monitoring of respiration during rehabilitation
Marketa Kotova, Ludek Zalud, Jana Kolarova and Petr Dobsak
AP.14: Gait orthosis Lokomat combined with Functional Electrical Stimulation for foot drop correction: a feasibility study.
Erika G. Spaich, Mette F. Bøg, Ema Erkocevic, Anne Smidstrup, Ole K. Andersen and Jørgen F. Nielsen
AP.15: A standard low-cost worldwide accessible Nintendo Wii balance test can differentiate older fallers from non-fallers
Martin G. Jorgensen, Nicolas B. Hansen, Alberto L.R. Perez and Erika G. Spaich
AP.16: Learning effect of the Nintendo Wii Agility test in community-dwelling older adults
Erika G. Spaich, Nicolas B. Hansen, Alberto L.R. Perez and Martin G. Jørgensen
AP.17: Historical background from 1986 – 2005 for the development of the ActiGait system
Jens Peter Haase, Morten Haugland and Thomas Sinkjaer
AP.18: Measuring the effectiveness of an intensive rehabilitation treatment on balance parameters in patients with Parkinson’s disease through a stabilometric platform.
Davide Ferrazzoli, Rossana Bera, Roberto Maestri, Gloria Perini, Letizia Spina, Roberto Gargantini, Gianni Pezzoli and Giuseppe Frazzitta
AP.19: Human cutaneous reflexes evoked with simultaneous multiple nerve stimulation during rhythmic locomotor-like arm and leg cycling in stroke subjects
Ole Kæseler Andersen, Marc Klimstra, Evan Thomas, Pamela M. Loadman, Sandra R. Hundza and E. Paul Zehr
AP.20: Improved detection and force decoding through combined near-infrared spectroscopy and electroencephalographic measurements
Mia H. Hansen, Eric Kassebaum, Marlena A. Plocharska, Mads Jochumsen and Ernest N. Kamavuako
AP.21: Detection of movement intention from movement-related cortical potentials with different paradigms
Susan Aliakbaryhosseinabadi, Ning Jiang, Aleksandra Vuckovic, Romulus Lontis, Kim Dremstrup, Dario Farina and Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting
AP.22: Modulatory Effect on Spinal and Supraspinal Responses during Cognitive Attentional and Distraction Tasks
Federico Gabriel Arguissain, José Alberto Biurrun Manresa, Carsten Dahl Mørch and Ole Kæseler Andersen
AP.23: Modeling the functional dependence of stroke patients: the outcome of an improved gait training
Kristian Hennings, Sabata Gervasio, Ole Kæseler Andersen and Erika Geraldina Spaich
AP.24: Exercising the Tibialis Anterior Muscle of Children with Cerebral Palsy for Improved Neuroplasticity using an Electrical Guitar
Jeppe Larsen, Thomas Moeslund and Daniel Overholt
AP.25: Validation and test of a closed-loop tele-rehabilitation system based on functional electrical stimulation and computer vision for analysing facial expressions in stroke patients
Daniel Simonsen, Ramin Irani, Kamal Nasrollahi, John Hansen, Erika G. Spaich, Thomas B. Moeslund and Ole K. Andersen

Eir Commercial Poster Session

CP.1: A poly-fascicular, in vitro nerve model for development and optimization of peripheral nerve interfaces
Kristian Rauhe Harreby
CP.2: Smattress: A smart mattress providing an active unobstructive bedding system based on musculoskeletal modeling
Afshin Samani
CP.3: Feature Extraction APP for Pain Profiles
Shellie A. Boudreau, Richard Spence, Georgi Vasov and Line L. Egsgaard
CP.4: Kinect-based tele-rehabilitation system for hand function
Daniel Simonsen, John Hansen, Erika G. Spaich and Ole Kæseler Andersen
CP.5: A new method to diagnose neuromuscular disorders in the neck-shoulder region
Steffen Vangsgaard, Ernst Albin Hansen and Pascal Madeleine
CP.6: Marsi Bionics’ Wearable Exoskeletons for the Daily Rehabilitation of Children
Elena Garcia and Nacho Barraque
CP.7: Control of Robotic and Prosthetic Arms Using an Inductive Tongue Control System
Daniel Johansen, Dejan B. Popovic and Lotte N. S. A. Struijk
CP.8: A new device for measuring body part movements and stretches
Michael Skovdal Rathleff, Ole Simonsen and Line Rode

Conference ProgramWednesday. For practical details see Poster Guidelines.

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