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Conference Dinner - Robbers' Banquet


The location of the conference dinner held on Wednesday 25 June 2014 will be the Forest of Rold, the largest forest area in Denmark. For centuries, this area was known as a dubious place for ordinary people to be - especially at night.

In the dark, the Rold Robbers would make their move and attack people who, for one reason or the other, had to pass through the forest, which was the only way from North to South at that time. The atmosphere of the past will be recreated when we resurrect the robbers in order to make a thrilling event with a touch of local Danish history.

Busses will take us from Aalborg Culture & Congress Centre a short 30-minute drive to the entrance of the Forest of Rold. Here the robbers will greet us, take us further into the forest, and tell us the history of the robbers and the area as such.

Afterwards, an exquisite dinner is awaiting us under the magnificent treetops. During the dinner robber stories and entertainment will keep the participants alert and make the evening unforgettable! In this informal and relaxed atmosphere, we will have the perfect opportunity to experience local folklore  - a unique experience.

NB: Busses for the conference dinner will be leaving precisely at 18.15 o'clock.
Departure from Aalborg Culture & Congress Center (AKKC) at the parking lot in front of First Hotel Europe facing Vesterbro.

Please do not be late!

Remember to wear warm clothes as the whole event will take place outdoors, and evenings in June can be chilly in Denmark! (Weather forecast here)

The busses will take us back to AKKC again around 22.00-23.00.


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