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Accessing the Proceedings

For a time-limited period (until 17 July 2014) participants can download the complete proceedings: Please visit the Springer Association Code sub-page (access restricted) - log-in information is available in the printed program handed out at the conference.

If you are new to Springer Link

Registering a new account on Springer Link, by clicking “Sign up / Log in” on the top-right-hand side of the Springer Link page. Afterwards, follow the instruction on the page.

If you already have a Springer account

If you already have an account for Springer you should also be able to use it for Springer Link as well. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it as described below.

In case you do have an account that works with springer.com, but does not work with Springer Link, and a password reset does not solve the problem: Please contact (e-mail) Onlineservice@springer.com

Resetting your password

On the Springer Link page, click on “Sign up / Log in”. Afterwards, click “Forgotten password” above the “Log in” button, and follow the given instructions.

Activating your association code

The association code is available here (access restricted). The credentials for this subpage can be found in the printet ICNR2014 program, handed out when registering at the conference.

When logged on to Springer Link, click the arrow next to your name on the top-right-hand side of the page. Afterwards, click “Account details/profile” and copy/paste (or type) the association code into the corresponding field under “Your Organisations” on the “Account Details” page. Next, click the “Associate” button. Finally, log out and log back in for access to be updated.

Accessing ICNR2014 Conference Proceedings

When logged on to Springer Link, locate the ICNR2014 Proceedings by searching for the title in the Springer Link search box on the top-left-hand side of the Springer Link page. Locate the ICNR2014 Proceedings and click on the book name to be transferred to the corresponding home page where the Conference Proceedings are located or go directly to the ICNR2014 Proceedings here.

The proceeding of a specific keynote lecture or presentation related to one of the ICNR2014 sessions can be reached by locating the lecture/presentation in the conference program and clicking the title. By doing so you will be directly transferred to that specific proceeding in Springer Link.  

A detailed guide on how to access the ICNR2014 Proceedings is available here.

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